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Our B2G (business-to-government) services connect businesses with public administrations, public bodies and legislators in all situations where the company's activities can have an impact on the public sector or result being part of the public interest on a national or local level. INIT strategically directs the information to the appropriate actors and to those potentially interested, coordinating meetings to submit the company's proposals to the public institutions. INIT organises events and information campaigns to involve, directly or indirectly, the political and administrative personnel in order to raise the necessary interest. Relative to the online communication, INIT implements information sites to communicate with the public sector or to obtain the attention of citizens, groups and committees on common interest issues.
with the public bodies
    identification of the public targets of interest
selection and setup of informational materials
direct contact with public institutions and authorities
delivery of materials to institutional addressees
delivery of materials to subjects of strategic interest
follow-up, feedback request and the like
report on activities and achievements
presentations     selections of the public subjects of interest
direct contact with selected institutions
delivery of the informational materials
selection of the venue for the presentation
invitations delivery with dedicated platform
follow-up and feedback request
organizing secretary
    identification of the subjects of strategic interest
selection of the informational materials
tailored newsmaking to different targets
setup of the informational kits
delivery of the materials
follow-up and feedback request
report on activities and achievements
local events     selection and preparation of the location
bureaucratic, legal and insurance procedures
communication to the mass media about the event
special guests identification and invitation
photo and video shooting
other services (audio/video service, entertainment etc.)
on the institutions
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see also...     media planning
advertising campaigns
    press office services
anti-crisis press office services