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business-to-consumer business-to-business media relations business-to-government
INIT's advertising and B2C (business-to-consumer) communication services are specific for companies that target the end consumer, aiming their products and/or services at the mass market. INIT manages the final phase of companies’ marketing operations, either planning and organising advertising and promotional campaigns through mass media or by offering your brand, products and business activities directly to the general public all over Italy. The B2C sector includes e-commerce, with the design, development and turn-key delivery of e-commerce websites, including their publicity launch.
media planning     mass media selection according to target types
advertising budget allocation and tuning
negotiations with the mass media and dealers
negotiations for extra-advertising contents
customer’s exclusive interest protection
    selection and setup of material for ad and promotion
technical check and verification of material
distribution of the ad material to the mass media
collection and sending of contracts and invoices
campaign monitoring
advertising evidence collection and verification
management of budget and payments (on request)
and copywriting
graphic design for newspapers and magazines
graphic design for posters and billboards
graphic design for web banners and dem campaigns
audio spots for radio advertising
video spots for television advertising
other forms of advertising on request
see also...     press office services
press previews and presentations