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INIT Comunicazione Srl (aka "Initcom" or "Init") is a communication agency which provides companies with professional support in advertising, promotion and dissemination of information to the public, institutions and the mass media.
INIT was founded in Milano in 2001 by a group of experts in many areas, including information & communication technology, psychology and political science. INIT immediately established itself as a subject capable of helping businesses with practical and effective solutions to enter the Italian market and successfully promote their brands, products and services.
INIT is the central node of a multisector network of companies and professionals. It acts as general contractor for the provision of services and consultancy dedicated to all the aspects of corporate communication. A single subject which coordinates several competences, focusing on the objectives, results in a significant saving of time, costs and resources.
INIT helps businesses grow by offering the appropriate expertise and technologies suitable for their purposes. INIT enhances companies' field of action, developing the most efficient strategies and the easier paths. INIT helps generate new ideas, giving enterprises all the freedom of movement they need.
  To simplify the fruition of this website's contents, we have grouped the activities of INIT into four macroareas dedicated to businesses, and one aimed at public institutions. The division is based upon the reference targets.

Services for businesses:
business-to-consumer ad & communication (B2C)
business-to-business communication (B2B)
media relations and press office (MR)
business-to-government communication (B2G)

For the public institutions:
government-to-citizen services & strategies (G2C)

Within each macroarea, the on-line communication tools provided by INIT act as 24/7 interface between the company and its stakeholders, whether they are end consumers, business customers, suppliers, mass-media or institutions and public bodies.

Enjoy browsing our website and welcome to INIT.