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INIT, Communication Agency, Milan, Italy.
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INIT is a communication agency situated in Milan (Italy) that supplies businesses with advertising, promotions and information services aimed to the public, the mass-media and the institutions. INIT offers companies, bodies and organisations tailor-made solutions and services, creating communication with any target audience, efficiently and effectively. INIT is a single reference opportunity for the provision of advice, projects, services, strategies, professional expertise and know-how dedicated to corporate and business communication, publicity and press relations. INIT's core values are transparency, ethics and social responsibility. Hereafter, our services grouped in their respective areas.
ad & communication
media planning
advertising campaigns
creativity and copywriting
INIT's advertising and B2C (business-to-consumer) communication services are specific for companies that target the end consumer, aiming their products and/or services at the mass market. INIT manages the final phase of companies’ marketing operations, either planning and organising advertising and promotional campaigns through mass media or by offering your brand, products and business activities directly to the general public all over Italy. The B2C sector includes e-commerce, with the design, development and turn-key delivery of e-commerce websites, including their publicity launch. Who is able to offer you more?
sector advertising
sector communication
product presentations
business event organization
press relations
Our B2B (business-to-business) services are designed for companies that have other companies as their trading partners. INIT facilitates and supports the communication activities, creating advertising campaigns and planning their placement in specialised media, providing suitable materials for the direct "one-to-one" communication towards the reference targets and coordinating presentations and business events taking great care of every organisational aspect. INIT manages relations with the general and specialist press, writing and sending press releases, articles, interviews and informational brochures. To strengthen relations with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, investors, government agencies, citizens, groups) and to keep informed and updated all those involved in the company's activities 24/7, INIT develops online house organs and corporate communication websites. Why look at other agencies?
media relations
and press office
press office services
press previews
press conferences
anti-crisis press office
INIT’s media relations (MR) activities are targeted at both public and private clients that desire building and strengthening relationships with the press and mass media. INIT’s press office can be activated through either subscription, when the rate and quality of company news requires this type of activity, or as a one-off service, for particular situations of media interest. INIT organises press previews and media presentations and provides a valuable support in press conference coordination. In the more delicate circumstances, INIT provides a diplomatic and proactive interface capable of withstanding mass-media pressure and the subjects involved in the crisis. Our range of media relation services includes a web section, with the creation of online information sites reserved for the press, where information is organised facilitating its introduction. Isn’t this the best you can ask for?
comm with public bodies
information campaigns
local events
pressure on the institutions
Our B2G (business-to-government) services connect businesses with public administrations, public bodies and legislators in all situations where the company's activities can have an impact on the public sector or result being part of the public interest on a national or local level. INIT strategically directs the information to the appropriate actors and to those potentially interested, coordinating meetings to submit the company's proposals to the public institutions. INIT organises events and information campaigns to involve, directly or indirectly, the political and administrative personnel in order to raise the necessary interest. Relative to the online communication, INIT implements information sites to communicate with the public sector or to obtain the attention of citizens, groups and committees on common interest issues. Which agency does the same?
services & strategies
consensus management
internet and web
The recipients of INIT’s G2C (government-to-citizen) communication services are the central and local government, and all public or private subjects that mediate between the state and citizens. INIT provides advice on public communication and supports institutions throughout the continuous process of renovation and renewal of institutional communication channels. Creativity, rigor and consistency are synthesised in the ideas and tools that create and expand consensus through information and two-way communication, with the perspective of active participation and involvement of the base in the decision-making processes.